Token name Absolute sync token
Symbol AST
Totalsupply 99,999,999
Contract address 0x7ed86D2769fE9a2CAD7baC4ceAc45e40C82295D6
Expoler link

AST Token Distribution

Distribution Unit No. of AST Token
Token Supply 99999999 AST
AST Marketing Symbol 33333333 AST
AST Staking Reward 8100000 AST
Reserve For Founders Through Marketing 12000000 AST
Marketing Miscellaneous Expenses 9999999 AST
Staking Bomus For 1st 30000 Associates Approx 900000 AST
Educational / Medical / Charity / Airdrop 450000 AST
Staking for investors 9999999 AST
Staff / Developer Team / Support Team 9999999 AST
Promoter and co Promoter staking 15666669 AST