Highly Qualified Team

We work with a highly qualified team that guarantees our customer needs and finishes straight forward work in such a way that our clients can anticipate when exchanging with us. We make trading recommendations to our clients dependent on the day to day forecast that include multiple levels of accounts and trading hours. Our dedication to give access to programming and quality confirmations ensures the best of the administration for our customers. AST developed a framework and a network which has made online trade secure.

Services We Provide

AST has a dedicated team which keeps an eye on customer problems. We give inside and experience across a broad range of specialties to owners, managers and investors.

AST works with an ideology that is team driven. Boosting and performance with creating a profitable growth our clients get ensured profit. We work together with our clients to guarantee performance games are delivered, establishing and implementing retail strategies to produce quick results. AST ideology says that the better the secure network and the team work always results in the growth of every individual itself.

About us

AST Values and Principles

That strives on building strong foundations and creating long lasting relationships.
AST works with values and principles which are the main foundation stone of the company. AST is based on binance smart chain (BSC) is known as a block chain operating on mainnet, activating the blockchain in parallel with the balance chain. BSC allows the creation of smart contracts for blockchain tokens associated with the balance brand. Meanwhile it also launched a brand new staking mechanism for the cryptocurrencies of one of the world's leading crypto exchanges.